Our mission is to serve children,
their families and the school community
by promoting psychological well-being,
excellence in education, and sensitivity
to diversity through best practices
in school psychology.

To see how the profession of school psychology has evolved over the years, you may download the HIstory of School Psychology Timeline.

New York State History of School Psychology:
New York Association of School Psychologists Time Line
Why Remember?
Frank Plumeau School Practitioners of the Year and Leadership in School Psychology Award Recipients are listed below.

Frank Plumeau
School Practitioners of the Year

Nancy Dowdell
Rita Perlin
Theodore Fineberg
Steve Pulos
Mara Bollettieri
Lisa Towne Williams
Joe DeMeis
Martin Dank
Charlotte Harvey
Julie Davis Lutz
John Kelly
Catherine Catell
Kathleen Nye
Carlo Cuccaro
Randi Brown
Diane Marasciulo
Anthony Pantaleno
Jason Kane
George Ferrigno
Kristi S. Cleary

Leadership in
School Psychology

Donald Johnson
Roberta Gould
Jack Kamins
Stephens Phelps
Gil Trachtman
Stephen Taylor
Sheldon Swartz
Vincent Alfonso
James Wright
Ruth Steegmann
Karen Green
Helen Lichtman
Rocco Nalli
Lorna Rhone
Molly Gordon