NYASP is seeking new School Psychologists (3 years and under) who would like mentors! Not only do you get a year of support from an experienced NYS School Psychologist, NYASP will grant up to 20 CPD credits if you complete weekly meetings towards the renewal of the NCSP credential.   NASP Guidance for Postgraduate Mentorship and Professional Support indicates School Psychologists entering the workforce in any setting (e.g., schools, academia, clinics, or agencies) must quickly learn to navigate increased responsibilities and expectations, typically without the supports previously provided by field-based and university supervisors.  Many new School Psychologists may have limited opportunities to communicate, consult, or interact with other school psychologists. Others may avoid asking for regular support to avoid being viewed as burdensome or less competent. Having an identified, established, and collegial mentorship or supervision relationship after completing formal graduate preparation may help alleviate such barriers to accessing support and improve the transition from student to professional (Silva, Newman, & Guiney, 2014). Ideally, early career School Psychologists have access to a professional support relationship that supplements and is distinct from an administrative supervisory relationship. Such mentoring relationships involve guidance, coaching, or counseling provided by a more experienced person to a less experienced person (Leonard & Hilgert, 2004).
For more information or to request a mentor, go to the Member's Site and click on Mentor Program under the Member Resources link. Mentors have completed a brief questionnaire about their experience and areas of expertise which is posted at the bottom of the Mentor Program webpage for potential mentees to choose from. Once you choose a mentor contact them via their information on the website.  Once you start the relationship please inform Bruce Weiner, Co-coordinator of the NYS mentorship program at betsyandbruce@taconic.net who will input the information into the mentor website page.